Why do I have bladder control issues after my pregnancy?

Why do I have bladder control issues after my pregnancy?

It is often during the first pregnancy that we hear about our pelvic floor. The uterus (and the baby) lies on the bladder which lies on the pelvic floor. Indeed, it is the unusual weight on your pelvic floor and the passage of the baby while giving birth that weakens your pelvic floor muscles. They can be injured or stretched if they are not well prepared or not loose enough before giving birth. Consequence? More or less severe bladder control problems after pregnancy.

For this reason, it is important that you try to learn how to maintain your pelvic floor strength during pregnancy. This will make your baby’s birth easier and help you avoid injuries.

If you want to know more about postpaturm exercises to recover after pregnancy visit our page about exercising after preganancy.

What are the consequences of a weakened pelvic floor?

bladder control issues after pregnancy appear often

Loss of bladder control

During sports, coughing, sneezing or laughing you can’t control you bladder anymore and you leak a bit. The pelvic floor, which is responsible for the controlled closure of the urinary tract, can no longer perform this task under pressure.

Sex after pregnancy

After childbirth, some couples report that they find their intimate life less fulfilling. The reason for this may be that the woman’s vagina has been severely stretched by the birth and the pelvic floor muscles have been weakened. A tight pelvic floor increases sensation for both partners during sexual intercourse – and can even help you reach orgasm faster.

Pelvic floor after pregnancy

Incontinence can occur many years after birth. The tone of the muscle tissue decreases with age. Therefore, it is definitely important to train your pelvic floor after giving birth, even if you do not currently suffer from any problems.

Our advice against bladder control issues after pregnancy

Train your pelvic floor, even before giving birth!

Not all women have the same muscular strength. Indeed, only a few women know that they should prepare their pelvic floor before childbirth to avoid problems. Even before pregnancy, it has to be taken care of! Think about your pelvic floor, even in prevention!

Don’t forget your postnatal recovery

There are several ways you can strengthen your pelvic floor after pregnancy. With the help of pelvic floor trainers, you can train your pelvic floor from home. Emy is a Kegel trainer with an entertaining mobile app to strengthen your pelvic floor. Based on the biofeedback technology, the Kegel trainer measures your contractions and you can see them in real-time on your smartphone. We developed this medical device with health professionals, with the goal to offer women a wireless, easy-to-use, and effective method to strengthen their pelvic floor. You choose the time and place you want to do your exercises to tone up your pelvic floor to avoid bladder control issues.

Download the free mobile app Emy to start with some Kegel exercises:

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