Why should I do Kegel exercises after giving birth?

Why should I do Kegel exercises after giving birth?

Many women didn’t do Kegel exercises after their delivery in order to strengthen their pelvic floor. Why? No will, no time, not worth it?

After giving birth: Kegel exercises

Most women start with their postnatal course or their postpartum recovery 6 weeks after childbirth. Before, it is generally recommended not to do sport that highly requests the pelvic floor (running, tennis, horse-riding…), or that includes abdominal pressure. It is also recommended not to carry heavy things.

You want more details about postpartum exercise to recover after pregnancy? See our page about the best postpartum exercises.

The indicating symptoms of a pelvic weakness

  • Urinary leaks even if they are small
  • Hurry to go to the bathroom
  • Weight in the lower abdomen
  • Pain during intercourse

If one of these symptoms concerns you, you should do something about it. You can contact a health professional: solutions exist! Every woman’s pelvic floor is different and many factors (other than pregnancy and childbirth) can influence the tonicity of your pelvic muscles like sport, overweight, age…

Do I need pelvic floor therapy in case of a cesarean section?

Yes, even if you have a caesarean section, you should start postnatal exercises 6-8 weeks later. Giving birth by caesarean section does not exempt you from possible pelvic floor problems, as your pelvic floor muscles are strained during your pregnancy. Your pelvic floor carries the weight of your baby for 9 months. So unfortunately there is still a risk that you will suffer from bladder weakness after the birth.

Your posture will also have changed, which contributes to a pelvic floor loosening and can lead to back pain. Although some women will re-strengthen their pelvic floor in a few weeks, others will need much more time. So, don’t neglect your pelvic floor therapy even after giving birth by caesarian section!

I take care of my pelvic floor to avoid back pain

During pregnancy, your posture changes, your back is more required than usual. After giving birth, the constraints for your back continue with the baby to carry, the bag full of stuff, the maxi-cosi etc. A bad pelvic tonus can lead to a bad posture.

The smart way to do your Kegel exercises

Emy Kegel Trainer and emy application

The medical device Emy can help you have to regain better control over your bladder and pelvic floor. Entertaining exercises, that are developed with the help of health professionals, help you to train your pelvic floor efficiently.  You can track your progress along time and do your sessions when it’s the most convenient for you.
Take care of yourself … and your pelvic floor.

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