Have better orgasms by training your pelvic floor

Have better orgasms by training your pelvic floor

The topic pelvic floor therapy does not sound very sexy at first sight…Many women train their pelvic floor to get rid of urinary incontinence and increase bladder control. However, we know that pelvic floor training has a nice side effect. We got feedbacks from our customers like: “Wooow my love life particularly improved!” or “I never had better and more intense orgasms!” Well, we won’t complain about that side effect. 😉

The role of the pelvic floor during sex

A strong pelvic floor enables a compression of the clitoris and favors vascularization. The fact that it contracts more, offers women an increase of pleasure during sex and leads to a better orgasm. In addition, when the vagina is tight, vaginal contractions are more intense and increase the male’s erection. A win-win situation!

better orgasms
You want to improve your sex life and have a better orgasm? Kegel training could be the solution you were looking for.

But so, how can orgasms be more intense thanks to a strong pelvic floor?

The pelvic floor plays a major role during sexual intercourse and especially during the different states of the orgasm. During the pre-orgasm phase, the pelvic floor is requested, but only its relaxation makes the orgasm appear as such and the woman comes.  When this climax or pleasure peak is reached, women automatically experience cramps or the vagina begins to “twitch”. Knowing how to relax the pelvic floor is a guarantee for a great orgasm for women and men.

You should be aware that a “too weak” pelvic floor reduces sensation during penetration for both women and men. On the other hand, a too strong pelvic floor can be reason for pain during sex. In any case, these two situations are not irreversible and can be quickly resolved. Consult a healthcare professional who can help you.

And let’s not forget … orgasms remain one of the most pleasant ways to strengthen your pelvic floor,

So that your pelvic floor can offer you unforgettable orgasms, don’t forget to order Emy!

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