Thanks to the bladder training with Emy, I reduced my urine leaks

“Thanks to the bladder training with Emy, I reduced my urine leaks”

Marie-Pierre is one of those women who have been with us on our adventure since the beginning. After seeing our ad for “testers” more than a year ago, she decided to join Team Emy and help us improve our Emy pelvic floor trainer. She agreed to share her experience of bladder training with Emy and the impact it had on her weak bladder.

bladder training with Emy

Hello Marie-Pierre, could you introduce yourself to the Emy community?

Hello, my name is Marie-Pierre, and I am a teacher. I am 46 years old and mother of 3 children of 21, 18, and 5 years old.

How did you get to know Emy?

I had bladder control issues for years and as I am a fighter by nature, I assume that there are always solutions. After trying traditional pelvic floor therapy with a physiotherapist, I tried bladder training with midwives, but the results were short-lasting. I also tried electrostimulation with a toning pant, but I didn’t use it more than 3 times because this solution didn’t correspond to my needs and I didn’t understand how this solution could be effective. I tried different techniques like acupuncture which I think was the best option so far.

But I need to be convinced rapidly so I was still looking to find a solution that would satisfy me more.

So I searched on the internet and I saw that Fizimed was looking for women to try their trainer. It motivated me right away because there was a frame and I had to test the product, share my results, explain the upsides and downsides…

So, what were your impressions after using the Emy Kegel trainer?

Right away, I loved the fun side of the app, which makes it very motivating to go further and continue the bladder training. Having a frame and challenges to meet was extremely motivating.

When did you notice the effects of bladder training with Emy on your pelvic floor and on your urine leaks?

I did not immediately see the effects. So, I had to stop using Emy for a month and this is when I noticed them. I had less leaks, I didn’t have to change my sanitary pad several times a day. I can say that thanks to Emy, my leaks went down by 5. Considering the price of sanitary pads, it is an incredible money-saver.

Do you have an Emy routine?

Yes, I planned a special routine with Emy. At the moment, I use it once to twice a week. At the beginning I did my bladder training every day. I went 3 months without using Emy. I noticed that my bladder control issues started again so I went back to my routine.

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