Why choosing the Emy Kegel trainer?

Why choosing the Emy Kegel trainer?

With the Emy Kegel trainer, you can now strengthen your pelvic floor easily from home. Doing Kegel exercises is a good investment in your health. Do you want to train your pelvic floor after pregnancy? Do you suffer from incontinence? Would you like to improve your love life? Or do you simply want to take active preventive measures to avoid or fight against pelvic organ prolapse? You are not alone. The medical Emy Kegel trainer is your ideal training support.

Application of Fizimed

The Emy Kegel trainer

Emy is a connected and certified medical device for pelvic floor training at home., The pelvic floor trainer was developed and manufactured entirely in France in collaboration with doctors, midwives and physiotherapists. Emy is completely waterproof and made of biocompatible medical-grade materials.

Safety and reliability

Emy meets strict medical standards and requirements for European medical devices. (essential exigencies of the directive 93/42/CEE).

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Data protection

Your mobile data is strictly confidential, secure and will not be shared with third parties.

Low Bluetooth for your health!

To give you a concrete idea: a smartphone emits 1 to 2 watts, WLAN approx. 0.1 watts and the BLE sensors used in Emy approx. 0.001 watts. Thus, the Bluetooth waves of Emy are 1000 times weaker than those of the mobile phone in your pocket.

An intuitive and easy-to-use Kegel exerciser

Developed for women

More than a hundred women have provided us with significant support and feedback during the development of the Emy Kegel trainer. Thanks to this feedback, we have developed a pelvic floor trainer that was thought to match best your needs.

Adapted to your everyday life

Entertaining and discreet, the Emy Kegel trainer is wireless and chargeable. This ensures easy, pain-free use. Use Emy wherever you want and whenever you want. It’s up to you!

Clever storing

The Emy charging box is made for you: the simple design facilitates transport, charge, and storing. You can take Emy with you wherever you go – one less excuse to “forget” your pelvic floor therapy!

Fizimed application

A complementarity with health professionals

The medical product Emy is the result of more than 2 years of research and development. Emy was developed in active collaboration with a large number of medical experts. This work led to a simple design and pelvic floor trainer that is easy to use and guarantees the privacy of users.

Suitable for every situation

With Emy, you can continue the pelvic floor therapy with your doctor at home. Do some Kegel exercises whenever you want to do something for your pelvic floor. In addition, thanks to the Emy Pro app, you can train together with your accompanying healthcare specialist and track progress over the long term.

Tracking progress in the long term

With Emy, you can keep an eye on your progress. The Kegel trainer automatically adjusts to your progress and training level, so you can train your pelvic floor efficiently.

Ease of use

Emy has a soft touch covering and a shape that is adapted to women’s physiques.

The Emy Kegel trainer: proven effectiveness

Emy measures precisely and reliably when you contract your pelvic floor muscles. The Kegel trainer works with biofeedback. The effectiveness of biofeedback has been scientifically proven. 90 % of patients have noticeable improvements.

Progress with fun exercises

The Kegel exercises in the app are based on traditional therapeutic methods that are also used in doctors’ practices. The majority of women notice success after only 3 weeks of training!

Download the free app Emy directly on your smartphone:

Download "Emy – Kegel exercises" app

Awards for the Emy Kegel trainer


Best connected object (2016)


Entrepreneur prize (2016)


Best solution for public health (2016)


AMI numérique (2016)


Bourse French Tech Emergence (2017)


Grand Prix Sanofi (2017)


Tango&Scan (2017)


I Lab (2018)


Bourse Start-up (2018)

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