How to exercise your pelvic floor?

How to exercise your pelvic floor?

We should exercise our pelvic floor regularly like any other muscle to maintain tone. Pelvic floor training is important at any age.

Exercise your pelvic floor regulary

“The famous pelvic floor” – you may have heard about it after pregnancy but a lot of women forget it again. However, after a few years, or during certain activities like sports, we suffer from urine leakage. The reason for that is often our weakened pelvic floor which causes urinary leaks. Through regular exercises, you can prevent future inconveniences and pelvic issues.

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Tone up your pelvic floor at home with Emy

The smart Emy Kegel trainer was developed to exercise your pelvic floor at home at your own pace. You are free to choose the number and duration of exercises and when you want to do them. Staying motivated along time is essential. Discover many games and game worlds in the Emy app to strengthen your pelvic floor assiduously.

Advice for a strong pelvic floor

Some easy hygienic and dietetic measures can accompany the pelvic floor care. Here are some:

A good alimentation

Avoid products that irritate the bladder (alcohol, tobacco…) and drinks that increase its activity (coffee, tea…).

Exercise regularly

Practice a physical activity regularly while preserving your pelvic floor. Choose soft activities when you get back into sports.

exercise pelvic floor

Don’t stop your pee midstream

This exercise was recommended in previous decades, but it is actually very bad (it favors urinary leaks).

Heels, pelvic floor’s n°1 enemy!

Wearing high heels modifies the global body balance because the whole body weight is applied to the tip of the feet. The lower back is arched, and the pelvis is off its axis, just like the pelvic floor. These posture modifications affect the strength of the pelvic floor that can lose elasticity. Don’t forget to walk barefoot regularly to re-balance your posture.

exercise pelvic floor

Get the free Emy app

Many tips and advice to keep a healthy pelvic floor are available on the app. They are written by experts in terms of pelvic floor therapy, discover them now!

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