Thanks to Emy, I do not suffer from involuntary urination anymore!

“Thanks to Emy, I do not suffer from involuntary urination anymore!”

If you follow this blog, you probably understood that urinary leakage or involuntary urination doesn’t occur to only one type of woman. There are 5 million of us in France who have urinary leaks. For this reason, it is very important to break this taboo that should not be one.

Involuntary urination – a widespread problem

Thanks to our users’ feedbacks, we can attest that women who suffer from incontinence are called Marie-Pierre, Johanna, Sandrine, Eve, Ghislaine… They don’t have the same age, they have different family situations, they practice sports or not, they don’t always have children… In short, they all are very different, and yet, they use the Emy Kegel trainer to regain bladder control.

We interviewed Maelle, a young mother of 26 years old who accepted to explain why she is using Emy.

Maelle does not suffer from any involuntary urination anymore

Maelle, could you explain why you decided to strengthen your pelvic floor with the Kegel trainer Emy?

Giving birth to my child took very long. After that, I quickly noticed that I had serious urinary leaks.

So, I did pelvic floor training sessions with a midwife. I still had involuntary urination, but nothing compared to what I had right after giving birth. 15 days after the end of my sessions, I really could not control my bladder anymore, and I had to find a solution.

I talked about it with my midwife who told me that it was quite current and that I should keep strengthening my pelvic floor.

How did you learn about Emy?

I did some online research and discovered the Emy Kegel trainer. It seemed to match my needs. I waited for my midwife’s agreement and she really approved it. According to her, it was the ideal solution to continue pelvic floor muscle strengthening at home.

How often do you use Emy?

I use it 4 to 5 times a week for 5 to 10 minutes and I don’t suffer from involuntary urination anymore! I think the app is very entertaining, especially the funfair.

Do you think that the topic of urinary leakage or involuntary urination is discussed enough?

Sincerely, no, and this is why I chose to express myself on your blog. When speak with other women I notice real embarrassment, whereas it is something that occur to so many women. I want to say that involuntary urination really is a handicap, and it doesn’t occur only to women who are in menopause!

involuntary urination

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