With pelvic floor trainers, it is easy to stay motivated during your Kegel exercises

With pelvic floor trainers, it is easy to stay motivated during your Kegel exercises

It’s been a while since you started your Kegel Training? Congrats! However, even if you have clearly improved your pelvic floor strength … You started to skip a training session here and there … In short, sometimes it is hard to stay motivated during your Kegel exercises. This is absolutely normal, don’t worry! But there are some fun ways to train your pelvic floor. With the help of pelvic floor trainers, you can playfully do your Kegel exercises. With the help of the free Emy-app and the Emy Kegel trainer stay motivated. Learn more about Emy and discover the feedbacks of other users! We have some additional advice for you on how you will be soon able to say “bye and never again” to urinary incontinence!

Be happy - with pelvic floor trainers

How to boost your motivation?

Positive visualization

Emeline, the CEO and founder of Fizimed, wants to share her secret with you. When she was a top athlete, she won her matches thanks to visualization. A technique that allowed her to stay focused and to understand the match and the movements of her opponent.

Do the same! First, define your goal and then imagine it. Use a strong symbol which represents your goal. It can be a goal in sports, a better posture or simply feeling better about your body or your relationships. If you need to visualize something in concrete, you can hang a picture or a word in a strategically good place on your wall. When you see it, you will have the feeling that your goal is finally not that far away!

The most important thing is to always stay positive! Never use negative vocabulary. You are not just doing a “short training session” but you are taking care of your pelvic floor. Never play down your efforts.

With help of pelvic floor trainers you can also visualize your progress. With Emy you can see in your app how you improved in different categories.

Make a plan!

Make a weekly or monthly plan – and hang it on your fridge! This can be already a great motivation! After work, when it’s time to go to bed or during your children’s nap, you can train and tick off a goal on your list. That’s it, it’s done, and now continue with the next one! Like Rocky Balboa climbing the stairs to the top, you will tick off more and more goals. To see the number of training sessions completed encourages you to go further and the training will become a ritual of your daily routine.

Challenge your friends

Reaching the gold medal in the free app Emy Kegel exerciser does not motivate you anymore? What if you increase the competition? Challenge your friends! Laughter and motivation are guaranteed! “Did you get the gold medal?”, “How many ducks did you catch?”

And don’t forget that a healthy pelvic floor will allow you to enjoy sex even more. The exercises with Emy will allow you to better control and contract your pelvic floor muscles. So you are probably also going to boost your orgasms

Practice with music

Staying in front of your phone training with Emy doesn’t motivate you as it did before? Why don’t you start your training with a great playlist? Stay motivated with catchy music that will encourage you and give you energy. Be careful though, if you want to dance during your training with Emy, don’t forget that you are doing your Kegel exercises.

Come on, cheer up, one more little effort and the end of incontinence is near!

After the effort… reward yourself!

Sometimes you have to spoil yourself a little bit! Once you have completed your exercises – only if you really finished them (lying is a nasty flaw!) – indulge yourself with some ice cream for example? (we said “some”, not the whole jar!)

And when talking about rewards… Don’t forget that a toned pelvic floor can be the key to sexual pleasure. Your training sessions with Emy should allow you to boost your orgasms during sex (we remind you that Emy is not meant to be a sextoy, it’s your pelvic floor that has to do the job!). In short, a toned pelvic floor is not just about reducing bladder weakness!

Important: stay indulgent to yourself!

You couldn’t do your training sessions this week? You couldn’t reach your goals? Don’t blame yourself. It’s normal! Think of it as a way to achieve consistency. As you say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

Learn more about the advantages to train with pelvic floor trainers

You are now ready and boosted like never before to resume your training sessions with Emy! And if that’s still not enough, take a look at our users’ testimonials to discover all benefits of training with pelvic floor trainers.

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