How to train your pelvic floor at home?

How to train your pelvic floor at home?

More and more women are talking about the pelvic floor. And that’s a good thing, because it’s a topic that affects us all. Whether after pregnancy, due to high-performance sports, menopause or weight gain – these could all be reasons that lead to a loss of bladder control. Enough reasons to exercise your pelvic floor at home.

Therefore, many women wish to continue Kegel training at home after a course with their physiotherapist or a postpartum course with their midwife.

To help you, here are some tips that should guide you in this journey that pelvic floor re-education is!

Here are some tips and aids for your pelvic floor training at home:

  • Ben Wa Balls
  • Yoni egg
  • Vaginal cones
  • Pelvic gym
  • Vaginal devices

Aids for pelvic floor training at home

In terms of pelvic floor training, you may have already heard a lot of different things.

First, avoid stopping your pee midstream! This technique consists of retaining urine to work the pelvic muscles. It is not only ineffective, but it is also bad for your body. This can lead to urinary tract infections. So this is not how you should train your pelvic floor at home.

Instead, there are now many different aids available for you to exercise your pelvic floor at home: Ben Wa balls, Yoni Eggs, electrical stimulation, smart aids…

Ben Wa Balls to strengthen your pelvic floor

They are very easy to use to avoid the first signs of a weakened pelvic floor. This means you can achieve quick training results. Some love beads vibrate slightly to stimulate the muscles additionally. However, if your pelvic floor is very weakened, these are often not enough. Also, you are less aware of your pelvic floor muscles and you don’t train them consciously. In this case, you should look for other aids that are better adapted to your needs.

Yoni egg, the spiritual pelvic aid

Yoni egg, the spiritual pelvic aid

A yoni egg is a stone egg that can have different sizes and can be made of different types of stone. This egg must be placed in your vagina for a soft pelvic floor training.

Originally, the use of this egg was only taught in the Royal Chinese Palace to queens and concubines. Some believe that the concubines used the eggs to please the king during sexual intercourse. Like Ben Wa balls, yoni eggs require perfect control of your pelvic floor. However, it is advisable to consult a health professional if you do not know how to contract your pelvic floor correctly.

Vaginal cones for a toned pelvic floor

Another popular training tool: vaginal cones! They are shaped like a tampon and require you to tense your pelvic floor muscles so that they don’t slip out.

In addition to Kegel exercises, they can be used as a supplementary training tool. However, like love balls, the conscious awareness of the pelvic floor muscles is less trained here.

Do you know of the pelvic gym?

pelvic floor training at home with pilates
Young woman practicing yoga in an urban studio

We can also do Pilates to train our pelvic floor. Through breathing exercises, stretching and tensing the body, you learn to feel your body completely. In this way, you can train specific parts of your body. Pelvic floor training is also very important with regard to other sports.

Vibrating devices or biofeedback – vaginal devices

Pelvic floor strengthening through vibrating devices or biofeedback remains the most used solution by women of all ages. These devices are used to treat incontinence problems by consciously tensing the pelvic floor muscles in biofeedback – and unconsciously contracting the pelvic floor muscles in electrostimulation.
Further differences between electrostimulation and biofeedback are explained in this article.

Vibrating devices or biofeedback - vaginal devices

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