Pelvic organ prolapse: “Why I am not afraid anymore!”

Johanna is 25 years old and was one of 30 selected testers who tested the Emy Kegel trainer. She wants to encourage other women who, like her, have a family history and are afraid of suffering pelvic organ prolapse. For this reason, she has agreed to share her feedback with us.

Transcription of Johanna’s interview:

“I was on the beach, and I said “Wow! Mom, my tampon doesn’t fall out!! Fortunately, there weren’t people who spoke my language, if so, I would have been embarrassed!”

When did you notice your pelvic floor problem?

It was around my teenage years. In my family, a lot of women have a weakened pelvic floor and have pelvic organ prolapse issues. I was aware of that before my pregnancy, but after my pregnancy, it was a catastrophe. I decided that I have to solve the problem.

My midwife told me about the Emy Kegel trainer soon after the beginning of my postnatal recovery.

What impact does a pelvic organ prolapse have?

Very constraining – every day.

Are you afraid to have a pelvic organ prolapse?

Having pelvic floor problems at the age of 25 is annoying. I already told myself: “If I have a pelvic organ prolapse at the age of 30, what will I get when I’ll be 40 or 50?”. So, it is true that it has been psychologically very difficult. Even though I assume it, I had to fix my problem. So, I found THE solution.

Why did your pelvic floor problem occur?

For me, the main reason was my pregnancy. My pelvic floor completely weakened. I couldn’t even hold a tampon. I had to solve the problem right away. On a daily basis, I don’t really have issues, only when I have to put in a tampon. It has also been a struggle with my husband sometimes in terms of our sex life. But now, I don’t have any problems.

Before using the Emy trainer, what other solutions did you try?

I went to see my midwife. I did a manual electrostimulation therapy. And the result was still the same. My pelvic muscles were still as weak as before. So, I thought I had to find another solution. Then my midwife told me about Emy.

With the Emy Trainer, how long did it take till you noticed changes?

I felt improvements after only 2-3 weeks. I noticed it because I was able to hold a tampon!

What are the advantages of using the Emy Kegel trainer?

The main advantage of the device is that we can use it at home, whenever we want. We can choose the frequency too with the app. Personally, I was using it three times a week. Whenever I had 5 minutes, I knew I could do my Kegel exercises at home as I wished. I could relax. I didn’t have fixed appointments with any practitioner. We can do it for as long as we want. If I wanted to use it for 4 months, I would use it for 4 months. Then I could stop for 2 months and use it again for 4 months.

Emy in three words?

Great. Innovation. And thanks!

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