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“After my uterine prolapse, I was able to avoid a second operation!”

First reluctant to speak about herself, Eve decided to overcome her shyness and talk to women who suffer from incontinence led/caused by prolapse. For Eve, Emy has been THE solution to cure what she considers a handicap, linked to her pelvic floor. Emy enabled her to get back to a normal life. She can now hike again in the English countryside where she now lives.


Hello Eve, could you start by introducing yourself to the Emy community?

Yes, sure, my name is Eve, I am 62 years old, and I have been retired for a year. I have 3 children of 29 and 30 years old. After we had our first child, we were happy to have twins shortly after!

Since when have you been having problems linked to your pelvic floor and prolapse?

Everything started when I was 42 years old, when I had a prolapse. It led to a serious surgery which required the installation of a surgical mesh (a medical product that helps supporting weakened or damaged tissue), and the ablation of my ovaries and uterus cervix. This surgery has let me be unworried for 20 years.

What happened next?

Following an illness linked to my thyroid (gland), I had to take a treatment. This treatment, I think, provoked another prolapse (but it is a supposition). It was hard for me to accept prolapse again. So, I was taken care of by a physiotherapist for 15 sessions. A way to strengthen my pelvic floor and try to avoid another surgery. It is after these sessions that I discovered Emy!

So how exactly did you discover Emy?

I simply tested several apps and yours had me convinced the most. The use of your free app without the trainer was already very efficient. Thanks to my physio sessions, I knew how to contract correctly my pelvic floor. These exercises with no trainer were already satisfying.

And when did you decide to buy the trainer?

I really loved your mobile app! I thought that buying your trainer to go further into my pelvic floor reeducation was the right thing to do. Sincerely, I could never thank you enough! Thanks to the trainer, I avoided a second surgery and it is absolutely wonderful.

How did your sessions go once you had the trainer?

I found it tremendous! It is really fun, for something that should be tedious, so CONGRATULATIONS. I talk about it with all my friends!

And how do you feel since you started using Emy?

I wear a pessary from time to time (device to support the uterus and organs) but I have no more leaks at all since I’ve been using Emy. At the beginning, I used to do three 5-minutes sessions a day, and now I am doing one 5-minutes sessions every other day. I do not want to stop; I am so afraid to find myself disabled that I don’t want to stop using Emy!

Have you talked about it with health professionals?

The surgeon I met during my second prolapse advised me to keep on using Emy. When I’ll go back to France, I will contact my physiotherapist and tell her about Emy. (Thanks to these physio sessions, I finally could understand how to contract my pelvic floor).

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