Have better orgasms by training your pelvic floor

Pelvic floor and sex: Advice by Doctor Sylvain Mimoun

Doctor Sylvain Mimoun, specialized in gynecology, andrology and sexual medicine; accepted to answer our questions about the pelvic floor and our sex life. The pelvic floor is often associated to pregnancy or menopause but rarely to sexuality. However, it is a topic not to neglect when exercising our pelvic floor. Kegel exercises can turn out to be an excellent surprise for both partners.

sex and pelvic floor

We wish to thank Dr Mimoun for accepting to answer our questions.

Doctor, do Kegel exercises lead to a better intimate well-being?

The goal of pelvic floor therapy is not only to learn how to contract the pelvic muscles correctly but also how to release them! If the woman manages to release it, she’ll have more sexual feelings and that’s a reason why it is important to train her pelvic floor regularly.

Does the key to a fulfilling sex life rely on the pelvic floor?

It is not the only key to pleasure, but it is one of them. Pleasure being concentrated in the clitoris, if the woman knows how to correctly control her pelvic floor, it will enable her to have a lot of pleasure.

Can the pelvic floor lead to an orgasm?

If we have a toned but not “hypertonic” pelvic floor, an orgasm can of course come more easily. However, if the question is if it is possible to have an orgasm only thanks to pelvic floor contractions, the answer is no. But whatever it is, a woman who knows how to play with her pelvic floor, will play more with her sexuality.

On the contrary, can orgasms train the pelvic floor?

Having an orgasm helps to be motivated and this motivation can help training our pelvic floor.

Why did you choose to support Emy?

I think that Emy is a good intermediate element between the patient, me, and eventually the colleagues who work in this area, whether they are midwives or physiotherapists.

If you could summarize Emy in 3 words?

It is an easy device, that women can use alone, and which can help them a lot.

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