5 patients test the Emy Kegel trainer – Feedback of Erwann le Rumeur, Physiotherapist

As you know, we developed Emy with health professionals. We wish to offer women an effective solution to train their pelvic floor. It is thanks to the health professionals that we developed exercises based on validated therapeutic protocols. Many tests of our trainer are actually being made. Recently, we had the chance to have Emy tested by one of them. Erwann Le Rumeur, physiotherapist in Paris, launched a test on the Emy Kegel trainer with 5 of his patients.

Aged from 33 to 63 years old, they “appreciated Emy, found it comfortable, simple and entertaining”.

Who would be better than this pelvic floor therapy specialist to initiate this test? Indeed, Erwann Le Rumeur is always looking for the newest innovations linked to its field. It is an honor that he accepted to test the Emy Kegel trainer.

Feedback on the Emy Kegel trainer

Here is an extract of his feedback:
“My patients appreciated the Emy Kegel trainer, finding it comfortable and easy to use. They used it regularly at home and they were doing their exercises let’s see if they stay motivated.

For my part, I appreciate that the use of a connected Kegel trainer may have helped with compliance at home, which is essential for successful treatment. In fact, pelvic floor therapy cannot be limited to sessions at the physiotherapist’s office. The sessions must, in my opinion, serve to learn how to strengthen your pelvic floor at home or allow patients to benefit from treatment methods that only the physiotherapist can perform (massages, manual therapy, use of certain technologies, etc.). For my patients who have tested the Kegel trainer, Emy has made it possible to achieve different goals: to allow them to concentrate on other things than the stress during sessions, to ensure an efficient work-out at home. They can also continue to make improvements […].”

The free app Emy – Kegel exercises

You can discover his whole test directly on his blog! (only in french)

test of the Emy Kegel trainer

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