“Training your pelvic floor with Emy is fun.”

“Training your pelvic floor with Emy is fun.”

A lot of women who come from many different countries use our Kegel trainer Emy! Today, we wanted to share with you the feedback of one of our Spanish users, Lucia*. By looking for products for the pelvic floor, she discovered Emy on the Internet and she has been immediately seduced by the Kegel trainer and its free app! Even if she gave birth a long time ago, training her pelvic floor is very important to her. You can do Kegel exercises at any time in your life and it can be fun!

The connected Kegel trainer Emy

Could you introduce yourself in a few words?

I am the mother of two children. I gave birth more than 15 years ago, but I think it is never too late to try to improve your health and well-being and it starts by taking care of your pelvic floor.

Lucia did pelvic floor muscle training

How did you discover Emy? 

I was looking for new products for pelvic floor training on the Internet and this is when I discovered Emy.

For what reasons have you started using Emy?

I wanted to try a connected Kegel trainer to muscle my pelvic floor.

I have chosen Emy because it has a good image, it has been developed and made in a European country, with scientific studies behind and effectiveness demonstrated.

I use it now and then when I feel that my pelvic floor needs to be muscled.

Have fun while training your pelvic floor!

How was your pelvic floor training with Emy?

My pelvic floor training was very comfortable and very funny. You never get bored training your pelvic floor with Emy thanks to the app where you can find a great number and variety of games.

Since when have you been using it?

I don’t exactly remember but I have it for about a year now, since December 2019, I would say.

How long did it take until you saw effects on your pelvic floor? 

I have seen effects after maybe a couple of weeks or less 🙂 I have used Emy for a while now and I can say that I have fewer urine leaks, more control of my bladder, and higher intensity in sexual intercourse.

Do you think that urinary leaks are spoken up enough?

Not at all! The topic “urinary incontinence” is largely unknown among younger women. It is normal in advertisements, as something that only affects older women and that can be overcome by wearing a sanitary towel.

*The name has been modified to preserve the anonymity of our users.

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