“ Say goodbye to urinary leaks and get back into sport! ”

“ Say goodbye to urinary leaks and get back into sport! ”

Audrey often suffered from urinary leaks while doing sport. She decided to exercise her pelvic floor with the Emy Kegel trainer.

We have the chance to have more and more feedback from our users. They help us break the taboo around the pelvic floor. Incontinence, prolapse, lack of sensations during intercourse… There are plenty of subjects that call to speak about the pelvic floor. And what is better than feedback from a user who said goodbye to urinary leaks thanks to Emy, to explain all the benefits of the device!

Today, she is Audrey, a young mother of 2 children who accepted to answer our questions. For her, urinary leaks came while she was playing sports. Horse riding and zumba: sports that would challenge any pelvic floor!

Urinary leaks sport

Audrey, could you tell us why you chose to try Emy?

When I had my first child, I did pelvic floor therapy with a midwife. It was electrostimulation and I didn’t like it at all! I don’t even think I finished all my sessions. However, my second pregnancy made me very sick. My nauseas led to effort incontinence and quite a lot of urinary leaks. My gynaecologist was very reassuring and told me that these leaks would diminish after giving birth.

Indeed, it was the case but when I got back to doing sport (horse riding and Zumba), I noticed that I had to do something about my urinary leaks … I went to see my gynecologist who advised me to do pelvic floor therapy sessions. However, he was not worried at all about the case of my pelvic floor. The thing is, I am a liberal nurse and I live in an area where we have to wait at least a month to get an appointment with a midwife or physiotherapist… Considering the fact that I also have 2 children, I chose to find something that I could do at home. And that’s when I discovered Emy, thanks to my online research.

Urinary leaks sport

Have you chosen Emy right away?

I was hesitating with one of your competitor who offered a similar device. But I made up my mind to choose Emy because the customer service was great and very reactive. I give a true importance to the relational. As a nurse, I need contact from my patients and they also need the contact I provide them. I found this closeness with Fizimed.

The story of this start-up added to the fact that the device is made in France were 2 more arguments that totally convinced me.

And how did your pelvic floor training go with Emy?

I was looking forward to receiving it because I stopped practicing zumba because of the leaks due to incontinence. When I received Emy, I used it 3 times a week for 15 minutes each time. As I really enjoyed the games, I was using it for 15 minutes instead of 5 minutes as I first planned.

I wanted a fun device which would make me be active during the exercises and it is exactly what I got with Emy. In addition, the device taught me how to contract my pelvic floor and now I notice that I tend to lock it better when I ride horses for example.

And last but not least, I noticed changes after 3 weeks of using it. Today, I don’t have any incontinence problems and I use Emy once a week for 10 minutes.

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