Let’s talk about urine leakage

Let’s talk about urine leakage

Talking about urine leakage with your friends may be a less pleasant topic of conversation than the last series we watched… and yet, we need to talk about the loss of bladder control! Millions of women suffer from it, but very few talk about it: Let’s break this taboo!

Speak with a health professional

Whether it’s your GP, sports doctor, gynecologist, urologist, physiotherapist, or midwife, the list of health professionals with whom you can talk about urine leakage is long. Unfortunately, many women don’t talk to their doctors about it… so take the first step! Your doctor can help you and find a suitable solution to your problem.

urine leakage

What kinds of solutions exist against urine leakage?

No worries, many solutions exist according to the type of incontinence you suffer from (effort, urge, or mixt). First of all, it is important that you clarify the cause and type of incontinence you suffer from with a doctor. Pelvic floor therapy is often the first measure against incontinence. Training often starts with Kegel exercises for your pelvic floor (e.g. with the help of exercises accompanied by a physiotherapist, biofeedback or electrostimulation, visualization, …). ). In this way, you can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and improve control over your bladder.

Besides, the doctor may prescribe medication that he or she deems appropriate for the treatment in question. In some cases, the causes of urinary incontinence cannot be clearly identified… If physical training measures do not help, you can also discuss surgical intervention with your doctor.

Treatment of female incontinence issues

Studies show that the quality of life of women with urinary incontinence is severely affected by the consequences of urine leakage. Incontinence can severely limit women in their daily lives. Do not underestimate the first signs of pelvic floor loosening or urine leakage! Women suffer from:

  • Psychological, but also emotional effects
  • Impact on social life and activities
  • Decrease in physical and sporting activities
  • Effects on sleep
  • Effects on sexuality

Our advice regarding urine leakage

Set a goal to take care of your pelvic floor.
Take hygiene and dietetic measures, adapt your alimentation and your lifestyle to reduce the weakening of your pelvic floor. Take care of it by doing pelvic floor exercises and consult a doctor if needed.

You can download the free mobile app Emy Kegel exercises to start with your training right now :

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