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What is biofeedback?

We, at Fizimed, have decided to develop a Kegel trainer that works with biofeedback. In this way, we want to enable women to actively train their pelvic floor. In this article, we would like to explain how biofeedback works and what it is exactly.

In a few words

In general, the biofeedback technology can be used to visualize body signals (such as pulse rate, heart rate, or muscle tension). This gives patients visual feedback about normally unconscious processes in the body and thus teaches them how to influence and control them. In the case of our Emy Kegel trainer, you can see and measure the voluntary contractions of your pelvic floor muscles with the help of your smartphone and an app. This enables you to train your pelvic floor in an efficient and fun way. You may have heard of other pelvic floor training methods, such as electrostimulation. We explain exactly how this differs from biofeedback in this article

The scientifically proven effectiveness of biofeedback

Long-term success

Fight and prevent urinary leaks

Proven effectiveness

Significantly reduced symptoms for 80% of users.

Active postpartum recovery

Regular training is the best way to recover fast after delivery.

Adapted to your situation and training level

Listen to your pelvic floor’s needs, you can strengthen it at your own pace.

Contract, visualize, progress

Biofeedback helps you to consciously contract your muscles. By focusing on your pelvic floor, you regain control over this important body function step by step. Thanks to our innovative and patented biofeedback technology, you can see when you are contracting your pelvic floor properly with the help of the Emy Kegel trainer. Say goodbye to incontinence, improve your posture and regain self-confidence. Get involved in your health.

Emy Kegel trainer: the most sensitive trainer on the market

The certified medical device Emy provides you with reliable and precise measurement results. The sensors attached around the pelvic floor trainer measure the muscle contractions of your pelvic floor in real-time. Download the free app Emy – Kegel exercises :
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