Fizimed and healthcare professionals, a partnership that never ends!

If you’re familiar with the story of Fizimed, then you know that we place the utmost importance in our work with healthcare professionals and the entire medical field. Discover all our commitments.

Healthcare professional with the Emy Kegel trainer and patient with her smartphone
Healthcare solution. Emy biofeedback Kegel trainer in a medical clinic

Our core business? Developing the medical innovations of the future!

Fizimed was created to meet the growing demands of health care professionals for an effective solution to fight urinary incontinence in women.

Fizimed has since worked with numerous doctors and physiotherapists to address this issue. This led to the development of our very first medical device: the Emy Kegel trainer for strengthening the pelvic floor.

Healthcare professional who shows to his patient how the Emy Kegel trainer works

A company that meets the needs of health care professionals

But the collaboration between Fizimed and health care professionals doesn’t stop there. We have every intention to continue working with medical experts to come up with novel solutions for other women’s health issues.

Paul Grandemange, one of the co-founders of Fizimed, is himself a physiotherapist specialized in pelvic floor training!

professionnel de santé qui prescrit la sonde emy à ses patientes

Approved medical devices guaranteed to work as well as professional devices

Fizimed is committed to developing patented and approved medical devices that help women regain control of their bodies, with the same quality and safety as devices found in doctors’ offices.

The Emy Kegel trainer was developed in conjunction with health care professionals to allow for pelvic floor training at home, in addition to therapy at the doctor’s office. The Emy Kegel trainer is based on numerous scientific studies, which in turn have contributed to its CE MEDICAL certification. Emy uses biofeedback, a technique traditionally used by therapists which has produced a great deal of research on the problem of incontinence. The Emy Kegel trainer is therefore one of the most effective known methods for combating this issue.

Emy, a tried and tested medical device

Emy was tested during a clinical trial at the University Hospitals of Strasbourg. The study began in September 2019 and included 55 patients!

Here are the details:

  • Study group: 55 patients
  • Duration: 3 months (follow-up visits after 30 and 60 days)

Evaluation criteria:

  • Quality of life (Contilife questionnaire)
  • Urinary scores (ICQI-SF questionnaire)
  • Observation (completion of a logbook)
  • Satisfaction (PGI-I questionnaire and FIZIMED questionnaire)

Patient safety and data protection – our #1 priorities

Our devices undergo trials and tests to ensure they are safe to use and produce the desired results. We only use technology that complies with all applicable medical regulations. This allows us to fulfill our goal of developing premium medical solutions. At Fizimed, we are also committed to protecting the personal data of patients. All personal data is kept secure and confidential and is never shared with third parties.

Products designed to allow for follow-up by doctors

We’re very clear with our customers: only a health care professional can properly evaluate their symptoms, come up with suitable solutions, and help them achieve the desired results and improvements. A medical device is not a toy and must be used with caution, preferably with the regular guidance and follow-up of a doctor.

The Emy Kegel trainer was developed to allow for health care professionals to monitor the progress of patients and create customized programs for patients to complete at home. The goal is for patients to continue their therapy autonomously and sustain their progress in the long run. All our products are designed to help patients practice what they learn with doctors in the comfort of their home.

Learn more about the Emy Kegel trainer

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Healthcare profesionnal smiling with stethoscope

We value the opinions of professionals!

We place a great deal of trust in health care professionals. Medical experts hold the key to our ability to develop innovative new solutions that address the health of women. We therefore listen closely to what they have to say!

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