Fizimed, an entrepreneurial mission

Fizimed is a company that specializes in innovative connected medical devices. These easy-to-use devices change the way women take care of themselves on a daily basis. Developed in collaboration with medical experts and via inspiring media, our technological solutions are designed to bring people together so everyone can become aware of the power of their body and improve their health.

équipe-start-up-e-sante-fizimed for our mission
Fizimed shqre a mission with the healtcare professionals. Yellow stethoscope

Fizimed, a powerful social impact

Fizimed is helping to pave the way for the society and health care of the future. We offer women a novel approach to everyday well-being. We are also committed to taking a stance when it comes to issues related to women’s rights. Fizimed adopts an open and honest approach to its communication with women and healthcare professionals to facilitate the use of our medical devices. We also strive to demystify certain subjects that are often swept under the rug, such as urinary incontinence.

Emy Kegel trainer and the emy app

Fizimed, a commitment to protect the environment

Emy, our first product, is designed to reduce the use of incontinence pads and diapers by offering a durable and effective solution for incontinence problems. Fizimed believes in responsible production. All our parts come from France, Germany, and Portugal. We verify the origin and quality of our materials to ensure our products are perfectly safe to use. Emy is a rechargeable device that can be used at home, reducing the environmental impact of trips to see health care professionals. Fizimed also has a positive impact on the environment by making its devices compatible with telehealth.

Julien and Emeline from the start-up fizimed

Fizimed, unfailing values

The FiziTeam is defined by respect, reliability, ambition, an entrepreneurial spirit, compassion, and precision. These unfailing values guide our development, decisions, and evolution!

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