The story of Fizimed

In 2016, Émeline, Julien, Allan, and Paul came up with the crazy idea to develop a connected prosthetic knee. Their target market? Athletes with torn ACLs. So how did they end up creating a connected Kegel trainer?

4 founders of the ehealth start-up Fizimed
Julien and Emeline from the start-up fizimed

From the knee to the pelvic floor…

After consulting with health care professionals and specialists, they discovered another extremely important demand with no real solutions: pelvic floor exercises for women that can be performed at home. They learned that in France alone, there are more than 3 million incontinent women! As they continued their research, they began to realize that women’s health in general is insufficiently addressed by the current health care system.
However, simple yet effective solutions could really make a difference! Fizimed was therefore created to help women change the way they manage their health on a daily basis. 

Strasbourg European Parliament

The Fizimed adventure has just begun

Today, Fizimed is a company based in Strasbourg, France, that specializes in the development of innovative connected medical solutions. The startup was created by a woman for women.
By working daily to raise awareness on subjects that are often taboo, Fizimed advocates for the health issues of not only those women who use its products, but all women.

team of the ehealth start up Fizimed

By the way, why the name “Fizimed?”

Most people will agree that our body is our most precious tool. Our bodies must be healthy if we wish to push ourselves to the limit and make our dreams come true! “FIZI” comes from this “physical” aspect which is at the heart of our startup. What about the “MED?” The other pillar of our DNA is health: we create reliable, high-quality products based on approved scientific research.
Fizimed is part of the medical ecosystem! 

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