The Fizimed team

The Fiziteam has grown to 10 enthusiastic members who are always eager to tackle new challenges! Learn more about the team and our daily work!

The Fizimed team sitting together thinking about new medical innovations for women and e-health solutions
Julien Guay, co-founder of e-health start up Fizimed and medical device hardware specialist

The Hardware team

The power duo: Julien, one of our co-founders, and Catherine, his  woman, are our experts in all things electronic! Friendly, inseparable, and passionate about technology, Julien and Catherine spend their time innovating, inventing, and optimizing our products to make life easier for our customers!

Allan Mabilais, IT specialist and co-founder of Fizimed

The IT team

Allan, one of our co-founders, and Mahdi are the kings of code, R&D, and technology! Allan and Mahdi form the dynamic duo in charge of our website and app. They are much loved by the rest of the team for helping us understand the impossible! In short, the team’s geeks!

Paul Grandemange co-founder of Fizimed and medical expert in pelvic floor therapy

The Medical team

A physiotherapist, Paul is our very own health care professional. He single-handedly oversees clinical trials, product research, and relations with other medical professionals!

Lea from our customer service at Fizimed

Our Customer Service 

You may have already come into contact with Léa, our one-of-a-kind customer service manager! Dedicated and eager to pamper, Léa is an expert problem solver and always knows how to reassure our customers!

Marion Friedrich, product manager at Fizimed and the Emy Kegel trainer

The Marketing and Communication team

These four women have a real knack for communicating with our customers! They explain medical and technological terminology in a fun and easy way in every language. You’ll encounter their brilliance on the social networks, as well as in our notifications and newsletters. They’re our punchline queens!

Katharina Ehrhardt, sales and contact for any distribution partner at Fizimed

The Sales team

Katharina is in charge of making sure our French and international distributors have all they need!

Emeline Hahn, CEO and female founder of Fizimed, a company dedicated to women's health

The big boss: Émeline, our CEO!

Kindhearted, open, and always available (even on vacation), Émeline is the leader of our team! Émeline brings her positive energy and motivation to all our activities and helps us with our everyday issues!

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