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Customer reviews on Emy

"The exercises were beneficial for everyone! My husband thanks you too!"

Catherine, 55 years old.
Mom of three and Emy’s user.

"I noticed improvements from the 2nd week of use! I had back aches that have definitely improved since I started using Emy."

Celine, 35, aka Maman Pavlova.
Mom and Emy’s user.

"I am so afraid of becoming handicapped that I don't want to stop using Emy."

Eve, 62 years old.
Mom of three and user of Emy.

"We advertise urinary protections, but nobody talks about prevention."

Lucile, 29 years old.
Mom of two and user of Emy.

"I was looking for a fun solution to strengthen my pelvic floor - and i found it ! "

Audrey, 41.
Mom of two and user of Emy.

"Sexual intercourse is much more enjoyable and I feel more pleasure."

Lili, 27 years old.
Mom and long-time user of Emy.

"The Emy Kegel trainer allows you to have a more fulfilled sexuality. I feel confident again!"

Isabelle, 55 years old.
Mom of 2 children and user of Emy

"After three months with the Emy Kegel trainer, my prolapse is gone!"

Jennifer, 32.
suffered from an pelvic organ prolapse.

"I decided to start doing Kegel exercises with the Emy Kegel trainer in order to prevent my cystocele from getting worse."

Maryse, 59 years old.
Suffering from a cystocele and user of Emy.

"With Emy, I really see results. After only a week I was able to control my pelvic floor better."

Emilie, 40 years old.
Mom of two and user of Emy.

“A lot of women in my family suffer from pelvic organ prolapse issues. After my pregnancy I had to do something! ”
Johanna, 25 years old, Mom.

"Thanks to Emy, I reduced my urinary leakage by five!"

Marie-Pierre, 46 years old.
Mom of three and user of Emy.

“Finally I can do sport again without thinking about urinary incontinence.”
Sandrine, 47 years old. Marathon runner and mother of 3 children.

"Despite my illness, I can still do sports thanks to Emy."

Elisa, 27 years old.
Suffers from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

“Doing Kegel exercises with Emy is awesome!  I can stay at home, take care of my children and do my exercises. “
– Amélie Tziganette, mother of 3 children and user of Emy.

"I’m physiologist and I did my postpartum recovery with Emy! I highly recommend it to my patients!"

Fabienne, 37 years old.
Mother of 2 children and physiotherapist specialized in pelvic floor therapy.

"Kegel exercises with Emy are very effective. The app allows me to continue my pelvic floor therapy at home after the sessions with my physician. In the end, even she was impressed by my results."

Muriel, 42 years old.
Mom of three and user of Emy.

“Finally I can strengthen my pelvic floor in a fun way – at home whenever it fits for me best! ”
– Golden Wendy, influencer, mom and user of Emy.

"Many women suffer from urinary leakage after childbirth. I am so happy I found a solution!"

Camille, 29 years old.
Mom of two and user of Emy.

"Thanks to Emy, I was able to rectify my rectosel problem! Rehabilitation of the perineum was THE miracle solution!"

Ghislaine, 53 years old.
Suffered from a descent of organs.

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logo magazine elle review on the Emy Kegel trainer

"A project that can improve the lives of millions of women (...) There are results: those who have tested it no longer suffer from urinary incontinence!

logo BBC News review on the Emy Kegel trainer

"Fizimed, one of the coolest start-up to see at CES !"

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