Pelvic floor training with biofeedback

We place the utmost importance in our work with health care professionals. The Emy biofeedback Kegel trainer allows the patients you treat in your practice during pelvic floor therapy to continue their pelvic floor exercises at home. Discover our solutions that facilitate both your work and the daily lives of women.

the Emy Kegel trainer in use by a pelvic floor therapist
Emy Kegel Trainer and emy application

The Emy Expert program

If you are a health care professional, pelvic floor therapist, midwife or physiotherapist you can test the Emy biofeedback Kegel trainer for free before recommending it to your patients.

Join the 250 pelvic floor therapists who currently participate in the Emy Expert program!

Emy Expert was created to allow health care professionals to try our biofeedback therapy device for 6 weeks, free of charge.

Kegel trainer Emy with the app Emy Kegel exercises for pelvic floor therapists and patients

Why should I test the Emy biofeedback Kegel trainer?

Emy is the only clinically tested and approved biofeedback Kegel trainer on the market. The Emy medical device is:

  • designed for long-term use thanks to its rechargeable battery.
  • suitable for all body types and positions (including standing) thanks to its innovative shape.
  • perfectly hygienic thanks to its 100% waterproof and airtight design.
  • extremely precise thanks to our patented technology which allows for 360° measurement of the superficial and intrinsic muscles of the pelvic floor.

Emy for pelvic floor therapists

map of pelvic floor therapists in the app Emy Pro - Medical Kegel exercises

Emy for pelvic floor therapists

3 features:

  • create customized Kegel exercises for your patients;
  • add your practice to the map so users of the app can find it;
  • access the schedule of courses in perineology.

All free of charge, with no strings attached! Simply download the “Emy – Kegel exercises” app and register as a health care professional.

For security reasons, we verify all the information provided by health care professionals in the app.

Create personalised Kegel exercises in the app Emy Pro for their patients

How do I create customized exercises for my patients?

In the app, you can create customized sessions for each patient (with or without the Emy Kegel trainer) by choosing:

  • the type of exercises (speed, endurance, repetition);
  • frequency and duration of the sessions;
  • the difficulty of the exercises.

To create a customized session, simply:

  • log in to your account in the app;
  • create the session;
  • copy the generated protocol code;
  • share the code with your patient.

With your help, patients can become more autonomous with their pelvic floor therapy. Emy lets patients do their Kegel exercises in the comfort of their home!

Meet the health care professionals who already use and love the Emy app!

“With Emy, pelvic floor therapy is fun and motivating. Biofeedback is a big plus. ”
– Odile Bagot, gynaecologist -obstetrician.

“The Emy Kegel trainer is very useful. The advantage? You can just recharge it and it’s a very long-lasting product. ”
– Princess Périnée, physiotherapist specialized in pelvic floor therapy.

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