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Enjoying my pregnancy

Pregnancy is without a doubt one of the most important events in a woman's life. It is accompanied by a series of physical changes that prepare a woman's body for childbirth.

Holy hormones!

Not all women experience these nine months in the same way. Every pregnancy is different, and some women may suffer inconveniences such as vomiting, gestational diabetes, or incontinence.
Let's take a look at the most common ailments encountered during pregnancy - and our solutions!

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All our tips for making the most of your pregnancy

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The importance of the pelvic floor during pregnancy

If you’re pregnant, you’ve surely noticed that you have to go to the bathroom more and more frequently as your pregnancy progresses. The culprit? Your pelvic floor! Your pelvic floor becomes weaker throughout your pregnancy as it supports the ever-increasing weight of your baby. Weak pelvic floor muscles can cause incontinence when you cough, sneeze, exert yourself physically, or carry a heavy load. In order to prevent these annoyances, you have to keep your pelvic floor toned. With our Emy app, you can immediately start to strengthen your pelvic floor by performing simple and effective exercises at home.

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Emy helps reduce incontinence

During childbirth, your pelvic floor is really put to the test. In some cases, an episiotomy is even necessary. You can anticipate these problems by starting to take care of your pelvic floor as soon as possible, ideally before you get pregnant!
Your pelvic floor needs lifelong care. Lucky for you, our free “Emy – Kegel Exercises” app is full of tips on how to train it!

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Pregnancy, what an adventure!

Whether it’s your first time or fifth, it always helps to stay calm. You’ll need a personalized daily routine and nutritional tips to help you feel good during these special nine months. It’s also a good idea to prepare for childbirth, as our expectations can often be quite different from reality. Like women, each pregnancy is unique. Our experts answer all your questions, taking into account the special needs of your mind and body.

Customer reviews

"I noticed improvements from the 2nd week of use! I had back aches that have definitely improved since I started using Emy."

Celine, 35, aka Maman Pavlova.
Mom and Emy’s user.

"We advertise urinary protections, but nobody talks about prevention."

Lucile, 29 years old.
Mom of two and user of Emy.

"Many women suffer from urinary leakage after childbirth. I am so happy I found a solution!"

Camille, 29 years old.
Mom of two and user of Emy.

"After my first pregnancy I had not been able to do my full rehabilitation and then I got pregnant very quickly."

Melanie, 27.
Mom of two and Emy’s user.

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