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Faster postpartum recovery

You've done it! Childbirth is behind you, and a wonderful little baby has just entered your life. A new mother-child relationship has begun, and now that baby is here you probably have hundreds of questions, doubts, and concerns. Luckily, you've come to the right place: We've got answers for you!

Postpartum, a time we should talk about more

After giving birth, as part of your pregnancy care, you will receive medical follow-up at home. For the first few days, a midwife will be there to make sure that your newborn is healthy. Then, the focus will turn to the new mother: baby blues, breastfeeding, pelvic floor training, postpartum depression, contraception, and more.
There are so many subjects to address with your doctor!

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A customized health program to facilitate postpartum recovery

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Taking care of the pelvic floor after childbirth

Sneezing, coughing, and even laughing may cause pain for some women. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal! Between the weight of the baby and the birthing process, the muscles of your pelvic floor went through quite an ordeal during your pregnancy. It’s important to start doing your Kegel exercises six weeks postpartum to regain the basic muscle tone of your pelvic floor. Whether you had a vaginal or cesarean delivery.

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Avoiding postpartum incontinence and strengthening the pelvic floor

Emy gives every woman the freedom to do her Kegel training at home, privately, with exercises that have been approved by health care professionals. The Emy wireless Kegel trainer connects to a mobile app that lets you monitor your exercise in real time using biofeedback. Moreover the 20 mini-games help you stay motivated throughout your Kegel exercise regimen.
On the top of that the app allows you to view your progress over time.

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Postpartum, my love

You’ve done it, baby is here! Make sure you don’t panic over every little cough, or neglect yourself by putting all your energy into being a good mother. Since, you already are one! Anyway, life as a mommy does have its share of unforeseen events: in our heads with baby blues, under the covers with a loss of libido, or when baby’s in your arms nursing. Don’t worry, we’ll explain everything, and give you the keys to beginning motherhood on your own terms!
Discover all our tips for making your postpartum period a wonderful time!

Customer reviews

“A lot of women in my family suffer from pelvic organ prolapse issues. After my pregnancy I had to do something! ”
Johanna, 25 years old, Mom.

"I’m physiologist and I did my postpartum recovery with Emy! I highly recommend it to my patients!"

Fabienne, 37 years old.
Mother of 2 children and physiotherapist specialized in pelvic floor therapy.

"Kegel exercises with Emy are very effective. The app allows me to continue my pelvic floor therapy at home after the sessions with my physician. In the end, even she was impressed by my results."

Muriel, 42 years old.
Mom of three and user of Emy.

“Finally I can strengthen my pelvic floor in a fun way – at home whenever it fits for me best! ”
– Golden Wendy, influencer, mom and user of Emy.

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