Improving my bladder control

Hasn't everyone, at some point, felt a drop or two of pee in their panties after laughing, dancing, coughing or carrying something heavy? Ladies, you're not alone. 1 out of 10 women suffer from incontinence worldwide! We're going to talk openly about this major problem, and we'll also discuss the solutions that exist.

Fighting incontinence

One in five women will suffer from bladder control problems in her lifetime. Urinary incontinence is a real public health problem. The subject remains taboo, and very few women dare to speak up about it and seek help. Anyone can experience this disease.
What's more, incontinence can happen at any age, but there are several risk factors, including age, pregnancy, physical activity, and more.

Colour woman smiling fist raised because she solved her urinary incontinence problem

My customized health program to fight urinary incontinence

woman sitting on her couch with the Emy Kegel Trainer
Emy Kegel Trainer and emy application

Customer reviews

"I was looking for a fun solution to strengthen my pelvic floor - and i found it ! "

Audrey, 41.
Mom of two and user of Emy.

“Finally I can do sport again without thinking about urinary incontinence.”
Sandrine, 47 years old. Marathon runner and mother of 3 children.

"Thanks to Emy, I reduced my urinary leakage by five!"

Marie-Pierre, 46 years old.
Mom of three and user of Emy.

"With Emy, I really see results. After only a week I was able to control my pelvic floor better."

Emilie, 40 years old.
Mom of two and user of Emy.

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